To Chunk or to struggle

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Yes Chunking, good solid word methinks, nice solid feel to it, but why am I interested in it and think you should be to?

Well it applied to my planning period I had over the festive break where I looked at this year’s goals as well as goals further into the distance. I am sure you have heard of SMART goals, but whether you agree or not you can’t ignore things such as “start with the end in mind” (Covey) or  If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.(Lewis Carroll) “If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.” (Yogi Berra )



Fail to Plan

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All these are very valid, and you can add “fail to plan, plan to fail”, I am sure you have your own favourite but basically Planning is an essential part of life and especially in business. Businesses have 5-year plans and other powerful visions but how are you going to get there?


These end goals may on first sight seem daunting and therefore potentially demotivating, how are we ever going to get there it seems we are miles away from being able to achieve that?




 Well this is where I come back to chunking and how it can make mole hills out of mountains. This is done by breaking the overall goal into small manageable bits..chunks. By breaking the goal into smaller manageable and therefore achievable chunks the daunting task seems to be a lot more achievable. This restores motivation and the task is taken on with gusto.



Climbing Everest is a classic case of a big goal that is chunked down it various camps on the way to the summit, no one can start and just climb to the summit so why put yourself in a position to fail, because believe me you will.





So, make chunking your friend from long term goals to shorter projects because ticking of those chunks on the way to the desired result are fun and make you want to tick more chunks off.


This blog is written by Tony K Silver, author of Networking; It's all about the room, and is based on 40 years experience working in businesses.

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Tony has been in business for over 40 years, starting as a mechanical engineering Apprentice, then in his mid 20's he ran a department that was invoicing £1M a month. In his 30's he became joint Owner/Director of a company with sole UK responsibility. In his 40's he was an Account Director with a portfolio of well known names. 

Made redundant in 2008 he has built up an extremely strong network in the Thames Valley. He achieved this by networking extensively and then taking the relationships onto LinkedIn. This has allowed him to secure a job, strengthen his network and in 2017 decide to set up the business specialising in LINKEDIN

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