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The Team

Who We Are

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Tony Silver

The founder of Solid Silver Solutions is Tony K Silver, he is the main driving force and the person who heads the delivery of the key services. 


Tony is the go to guy for LinkedIn. He has taken the time to understand the algorithm so he can deliver successful results for his clients


Solid Silver Solutions was set up to assist both Micro Businesses and teams from SMEs and Corporate companies to maximise their return on investment when it comes to their LinkedIn profiles and activities


Tony specialises in LinkedIn and his main service is his unique LinkedIn Profile Audit report:


With Tony's invaluable business network, he has strong working relationships with experts in various business topics.  He has selected the best of these to work as trusted associates who are available to deliver expert training on various key aspects of business in the digital age.


Our History

The founder Tony Silver created both the service package and the delivery team based on his experiences with growing thriving businesses.  Tony knows what works, because he's seen what works.  He knows what doesn't, because he's seen those who have failed.  He loves helping people get it right and avoid wasted time, energy and resources.  


Tony's business network of over 2500 professionals allows him to access most niches required.  Tony has established strong relationships with his associates, when Tony recommends someone it's because he knows he can trust them to deliver what they promised.


Tony lives and works in the Thames Valley and also has a presence in Farnborough and StAlban areas due to their very diverse and buoyant economy, however, with online networking and the digital age clients can be based anywhere there is an internet connection. 


The goal for Solid Silver Solutions is to equip as many companies and teams with the skill set not only to survive but to thrive.


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Our Philosophy and purpose: 

We want to help businesses get more business by forming powerful profitable relationships through Networking and LinkedIn. 


Networking online is a great way to save time, meeting people in person enriches relationships.  The combination of networking face to face and using LinkedIn to continue building your network is the key to growing an abundant pipeline and profitability.  


We firmly believe that there is lots of room for improvement for many businesses located in the area.


Be they Micro or Global we have been networking with them for many years and see where the improvements lie.


We have decided to specialise in one area and that is Business relationships.


By combining Networking skills with LinkedIn bespoke training and supported by Relationship management, we believe we can improve your interactions with prospects and clients and therefore improve your bottom line results. 


Our Story

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The Story of Solid Silver Solutions is really the story of the Founder Tony Silver.


Tony found himself redundant at the age of 48 in an unfamiliar territory of needing to be recruited for his new role.   He tried all traditional methods of searching but got nowhere.


He then discovered a job club and this was his tipping point, as they explained that most advertised jobs were not real or often they were already filled. He was told that he had to network and use LinkedIn.


These two were vaguely familiar to him but he did neither often nor well. So seeking professional expertise he applied what he was taught and saw his network grow steadily and his LinkedIn profile became All Star.


Even after securing a job, through Networking and LinkedIn he continued to grow his network through his work at Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, where he spent most of his time involved in the numerous business events the Chamber ran.  Tony was involved in delivering over 400 of the Chamber's events, so if anyone has ample experience of getting the best out of business events, it's Tony!


Eventually the strength of his network and the skills he had picked up allowed him to leave his corporate life and to fulfil his dream of helping businesses and growing teams at larger companies. 


Also he was inspired to write 2 books to give people the resources they need to grow their networks, and to provide additional value to his clients. 


The bottom line is Tony has lived what he provides and is highly respected because of this.