Anthony Stears- the Telephone Assassin

telephone assassin, sales, telephone

Anthony is a truly inspirational person and had a big hand in SSS starting up.


His way of teaching people a skill that many people don't like, is to get in there and show them how to make live phonecalls to prospects for them.


If you or any of your team need to brush up your telephone techniques then The Telephone Assassin should be your first call.


Anthony is also an established key note speaker who is in regular demand





Claire Boyles -

business. business support, web builder




  Claire at Success Matters is a force of nature, A driven woman, but also caring and very helpful.


We worked with Claire to get this website to where it is today and her patience new no bounds.


If you want a good website that does not cost a fortune or to be just inspired by one of her events, then contact Claire soon.



Warren Cass- Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

Speaker, entrepreneur, Business, Author

Warren is a Key Person of Influence who has written books and is a professional speaker.


He is a straight talking businessman with a no nonsense presentation style.

His passion for business, shows through especially when he talks about relationships, influence and marketing.

If you get a chance to meet him then take it. He is responsible for the 2 books i have written (waiting to publish).



Take One TV

Take One TV have over 20 years’ experience of working as a creative video partner with organisations to create high-quality footage and animation for business communications, promotion, lead generation, training, learning and online courses.  Our clients include: Slush Puppie, Sky Compliance and Training, Sky Insight Decision Science, Lok n Store, TeamUltra Service Now, 5G Communications, Barrington Watchwinders, Clear Say Communications, accountants, solicitors and many professional services.


We use a variety of effective approaches on video to present detailed, technical information in a way that is not only clear to the viewer, but also engaging, such as:

•   Live Action of events or seminars  

•   Location filming of interviews, vox pops and pieces to camera

•   Studio shoots, green, white and set

•   Role play scenarios

•   Graphics, infographic, kinetic text

•   Animation, character design, stories and on screen guides.

We are proud to be recognised for our creativity and it is one of the reasons we are a Sky preferred supplier, and have been for 10 years. Creativity is at the core of everything we do, particularly when it comes to producing videos for marketing, sales and educational where we are aware of the importance of innovation in filming and delivery to attract and engage with the target audience.



The HR Jedi

My mission is to bring HR support and services to businesses who want HR assistance without the full time cost. 


HR is not just a big corporate benefit.  87% of businesses in the UK have less than 40 employees and likely to not have access to in-house HR.   We want you to love your job, focus on growing your business and discover how easy it is to let the HR Jedi look after your HR and save you time and money.


I deal with everything from individuals upwards as no business is too small.  I operate across all sectors be the arts to engineering and everything in-between.



I like the fact that I was commercially active in administration roles in the media sector, sales roles in IT, Facilities management for numerous organisations before I came across and fell in love with Human Resources. And I regularly thank my lucky stars for that exposure to business from many angles because that is what has made me the HR person I am today.  I understand how a business ticks and I take time to learn how people and company objectives fit together.  

Lionheart Management

My name is Richard Knight and I am a knight who has had his metal well and truly tested. I set up my Advertising Agency is 1987 and had gone through 2 recessions and one depression and sold the business in 2016. There is not much I have not experienced during the last 31 years, which also includes a business owing me £30,000 and me having to get the high court enforcement officers involved - as you can imagine a very negative situation.
Based on the experience over the last 31 years, there is not much I have not seen and have witnessed the challenges business owners go through whilst running their businesses and have recently set up Lionheart Management and am on a crusade with business owners to help them achieve their goals.
In business we are all looking for suppliers to help us run our business and if we don't check their credentials well, instead of a knight in shining armour, we could be getting an impostor wrapped in tin foil.