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Networking · 02. December 2018
If you don't tell people what your target market is don't be surprised when they cannot help you!
LinkedIn · 12. November 2018
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Once upon a time Groups in LinkedIn were a great tool and used by many of us for various reasons, then they seem to lose their priority on the platform and activity dropped off quite dramatically. Well I am pleased to say recently that has changed and I am now able to access groups from my phone, and in the one’s I manage I can invite, discuss and do all the management tasks. This means that I can engage with the groups again and their members.
Networking · 12. October 2018
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Are you one of the 25 million people in the UK who have a LinkedIn account? Are you then like one of the 80% plus people I meet that are not using it to their own advantage? The likelihood from these stats is that the answer is yes. If you were honest and answered yes, then this article is for you. In fact, go back 11 years and I was a “yes” as well, so I know exactly how you feel. For me I made it a priority to go and get trained and find a mentor who is an expert on LinkedIn. I found just...
Newsletter · 06. October 2018
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I am happy to report on some good positive changes and outcomes here at SSS. The most recent was the opening of a new office in South Bucks. As well as the office in Slough this will enable me to host events and workshops giving me far more options.
Networking · 05. August 2018
A lot of professional service companies network but are they prepared or are they wasting valuable billing time?
Networking · 30. June 2018
Despite how well we think we are doing we all need support. Don't be shy ask for it
Networking · 05. May 2018
Two new workshops have been revealed
20. April 2018
How we can get your LinkedIn rankings dramatically improved
Networking · 09. April 2018
Read this blog to benefit from decades of experience, and from an expert who has advised businesses and individuals to become number 1 in their field.