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Planning · 04. January 2019
Resolutions or goals? Chose one and be yourself
Newsletter · 06. October 2018
LinkedIn, LinkedIn profile
I am happy to report on some good positive changes and outcomes here at SSS. The most recent was the opening of a new office in South Bucks. As well as the office in Slough this will enable me to host events and workshops giving me far more options.
Networking · 14. September 2018
Why putting the effort in means better results
Networking · 28. August 2018
I have been networking for over a decade and one thing seems to never change. That is people are still very poor in telling others what their target market is in a way that they can help them. It astounds me that people go networking to spread the word but when I ask them who their target market is they can not tell me succinctly.
Networking · 15. August 2018
Why not being targeted can lead you on the wrong journey
Networking · 05. August 2018
A lot of professional service companies network but are they prepared or are they wasting valuable billing time?
Networking · 07. July 2018
managers generally network well but as for their teams
Networking · 23. June 2018
teamwork networking
When you are a owner/managed or Micro business it is vital that you have a team of specialists. Now i am not suggesting that you go and employ a team, as this would just not make economical sense, what I mean is to select people from your network that are specialists in their field and your business needs people in these fields. In SSS we have a team who I have met through Networking and that I admire and most of all trust. They have all been around a lot longer than I have on the self employed...
Networking · 01. June 2018
This first book gives the reader a toolbox of networking skills to use
Networking · 05. May 2018
Two new workshops have been revealed

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