Networking · 23. April 2019
I do spend a lot of time Networking, but as I go with a plan in mind I make the most of the event. I am always looking for new clients but also referrals from happy clients and my closest network. I have no hang ups and also ask for recommendations on LinkedIn regularly as well. I feel if you have done a good job then why not ask? These referrals if added to website or LinkedIn are strong social proof, as people have put their reputation on the line by doing this
Networking · 02. December 2018
If you don't tell people what your target market is don't be surprised when they cannot help you!
Networking · 12. October 2018
LinkedIn, LinkedIn profile
Are you one of the 25 million people in the UK who have a LinkedIn account? Are you then like one of the 80% plus people I meet that are not using it to their own advantage? The likelihood from these stats is that the answer is yes. If you were honest and answered yes, then this article is for you. In fact, go back 11 years and I was a “yes” as well, so I know exactly how you feel. For me I made it a priority to go and get trained and find a mentor who is an expert on LinkedIn. I found just...
Networking · 14. September 2018
Why putting the effort in means better results
Networking · 28. August 2018
I have been networking for over a decade and one thing seems to never change. That is people are still very poor in telling others what their target market is in a way that they can help them. It astounds me that people go networking to spread the word but when I ask them who their target market is they can not tell me succinctly.
Networking · 15. August 2018
Why not being targeted can lead you on the wrong journey
Networking · 05. August 2018
A lot of professional service companies network but are they prepared or are they wasting valuable billing time?
Networking · 24. July 2018
Why network without a plan. Worse still why let a team go out without any set agenda
Networking · 07. July 2018
managers generally network well but as for their teams
Networking · 30. June 2018
Despite how well we think we are doing we all need support. Don't be shy ask for it

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