Sole Traders and Business Owners are the backbone of our country

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You are a sole trader or owner/manager of one of the thousands of micro businesses that are the backbone of this country. You have a passion and you want to share your expertise and advise others.

But how do you find these potential customers.

How can they find you?

How do they trust you once they find you?

Do you have the skills required to develop a valuable network which creates referrals regularly of valuable target clients?


Are you one of the many people who now find themselves running a business without all the required skill set? Very knowledgeable and capable in your little niche, but realising that you are most of your company’s departments?



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Are you getting by rather than excelling as you spend time doing things in your business that are not your core strength? Doing the accounts, buying etc where you would rather be selling your services and ideas to willing listeners?


Do you wish that there was a cost effective way to avoid these issues, a way to teach you the skills required to find new clients and build strong relationships with them, A relationship that will continue to make profit for your company for years to come?


Client relationship management is at the core of a successful business.  There is a lot your business can be doing to market, sell and connect with potential clients..  But are you using these tools to their maximum potential?

Solid Silver Solutions

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Works with you to identify exactly what your individual and business goals are. 

How many new clients do you need?  

What clients do you want to work with? 

Where do you find your ideal clients? 


How do you get other people to refer and recommend your business to your ideal clients? 

We assess exactly what you as an individual need, what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, and any key issues you may be experiencing.

Together we create the exact programme you need, there is no need for you to be sitting in a training room bored because you are being spoon fed knowledge you are already very familiar with. 

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We don't just deliver a tired old training manual of bumpf, our training is dynamic, interactive and engaging.  Your will enjoy the challenge and process of approaching your client relationships and networking in a new way. A way that produces the results you and they both want.  A way which delivers more value to more clients.  A way which means your business stands out as the best in their sector. 


 We identify with you the core areas you want to strengthen, we assess their current levels of achievement and measure over a set period what improvements are made following the implementation of the training.