I recently invested in a profile assessment with Tony and the following makeover. my profile was totally transformed and I am thrilled to say getting way more engagement with two immediate enquiries in under a week. I always considered myself fairly tech savvy, but found I was totally out of date with LinkedIn changes and am really pleased I bit the bullet.

Thank you Tony.


May 2019    Warren Cass     International Keynote speaker


Tony delivered an excellent keynote and gave us the benefit of his extensive knowledge of LinkedIn along with some highly actionable and useful tips for making the best use of the this platform. His insights into recent changes made by LinkedIn, what to focus on in terms of increasing engagement and insider secrets made it an extremely useful afternoon. I've already made some changes and seen my engagement scores go up.

Many thanks, Tony!


May 2019      Neil Urquhart    Salary Negotiation coach



Just completed one of the most comprehensive and detailed reviews of Linked In with Tony.  He included a full overview of everything Linked In has to offer :- the recent updates and changes by Microsoft, unearthing the hidden gems, improving my understanding of how to get the most out of the platform and allowing time for a live update of my own profile. I have most certainly come away from this excellent session truly up to date and committed to using Linked In as part of my business development strategy. Thank you Tony K.


May 2019      Barnaby Wynter    Brand Expert - Speaker and Practitioner 


Below are a selection of testimonials we have received for my services

Tony really helped to enable me to understand how to maximise the potential of Linkedin and to engage with potential clients. His audit process is thorough and comprehensive and easy to understand. Tony offers a great service along with a friendly, engaging and supportive approach. I would definitely recommend Tony if you want to understand how to effectively use Linkedin and improve and increase your profile online


May 2019  Kate Darbyshire Evans Owner Finer Thinking

I really enjoyed Tony's service, experience, and knowledge that he shared with me in helping bring my LinkedIn profile up to date and feel a bit more lifelike. He has a no-nonsense approach with practical tips and I found his 11-page audit report really useful - it had some detailed feedback as well as a useful strategy that was easy to follow, understand and implement. Highly recommend Tony to anyone who is looking to improve their profile and understanding of how to best utilise the power of LinkedIn


May 2019  Graeme Beever Customer experience director at Insight 6

When it comes to LinkedIn profiles, Tony is the man. He did an audit of my profile, complete with an 11-page report with tips, guidance and some very useful recommendations. This was followed up by a 1-hour call where we went through everything and he answered my questions. Within 72 hours of implementing the recommended changes, my search appearance results more than doubled and I received an in-bound lead. Great recommendations and great service. 5 stars


April 2019  David Horne Owner at Horne & Daughters Ltd

I have known Tony for a number of years, ever since he proved very helpful in making a decision about joining our local branch of the Chamber of Commerce, when he was working for the organisation. Since when we have seen each other at various networking events and just recently he has once again been very helpful to us by recommending many changes and improvements to our own LinkedIn profile - money well spent!


March 2019 Paul Elford Owner Prelco

Tony is a LinkedIn expert, I recently attended his workshop, how to use LinkedIn to network, which I really enjoyed!  He made the group feel welcome, his delivery style was formal and chatty, which complimented my learning style.  Tony's workshop was informative, with helpful hints and tips. The group had the opportunity to make new connections. Which was fun!  My customer experience was faultless and I came away feeling confident enough to start using LinkedIn more often, which is really important to me. Thank you Tony. 


March 2019 Patricia Buckland founder of debt Talk

I met Tony on the networking circuit and his comments about LinkedIn profiles definitely resonated with me, so I took up his offer of help to improve my profile. Tony provides straightforward, actionable and very effective suggestions for improving your visibility of LinkedIn - I have certainly seen an increase in my profile views and search appearances. It is great that Tony will also help with the actual implementation. I've no hesitation in recommending Tony to others (and have already done so)


March 2019 Stephen C The Intellectual Property Works

I have been to a number of LinkedIn training seminars, so can honestly say I was impressed with Tony's knowledge, style & approach. He is very pragmatic, always willing to share his knowledge, as well as give you the key do's & don'ts. I highly recommend Tony & will be using his skills once I get my own coaching business fully operational. I am looking forward to working with Tony as a key business partner...

Thanks Tony!


March 2019 Harry S  Personal Performance Coach

I met Tony at a networking event and was impressed by his approach and proposition. Was subsequently very impressed with the service he provide. Did exactly “what it said on the tin” Will definitely use Tony again in the future, highly recommended.


January 2019 Paul Parrish  Regional Director Primary Business Finance Ltd



I attended Tony's LinkedIn workshop and learned a lot more about how to use LinkedIn for my business, and improve my profile. The workshop was a smallish  group, which meant we had the opportunity to ask questions and get specific help and advice from Tony, which worked really well


January 2018 Ruth Randall owner Ruth Randall Coaching



Tony's an enthusiastic advocate of best practice on LinkedIn. He knows the platform inside out and his basic report is excellent value. He takes a no-nonsense approach and makes clear, actionable recommendations.


December 2018 Jonathan Bowring Owner Riversight Ltd

Recently I attended a morning seminar on Linked In run by Tony. It was very well worth while. Tony went through the values and use of LI and how I could help myself improve my profile and therefore it's benefits. All the information was presented well at a pace that I could understand. This was done in a practical and well ordered fashion which enabled me to find things on my own computer and also make notes. I would most definitely recommend this seminar.


December 2018 Rick Craft Owner Sakkara Coaching


I went to a Linked In workshop recently with Tony and he impressed me with his knowledge and patience! The group were all at different stages on their Linked In journey, but Tony was able to address individual issues and questions whilst keeping the whole group attentive and gainfully occupied . A useful, interesting and worthwhile session. Thank you Tony!


November 2018 Ruth Fogg Owner Stressworx



I asked Tony to carry out an analysis of my LinkedIn profile as it's an area I know I can improve on! He gave me a list of recommendations, some I can improve immediately and some I can continue to work on over the next few months. Tony explained what I was already doing well on my profile and why the improvements he suggested were important if I want to show up in more searches and get better results. 


November 2018 George Anderson Owner George Anderson Coaching

Older Testimonials

I thought my LinkedIn profile was pretty good. I'm delighted to say that Tony agreed, but still managed to make a number of really helpful suggestions as to how I can improve my profile and my activity.
They were so easy to implement that I did them straight away.
If you know your profile could be better, bringing you in more business, talk to Tony. If you think it's OK, why not let him help you make it even better?


April 2018     Mark Harris The Enterprise Doctor



I am delighted with my LinkedIn profile analysis provided to me by Tony!!!
It was thorough and detailed enough for me to see exactly the areas and content of my LinkedIn profile which I need to improve and focus on without being overwhelming. 
Tony gave me clear action points to tackle.
I look forward to implementing this and enjoying the results which I am sure will follow.
Thank you so much Tony for your support and guidance.


June 2018        Stephen Slater    Lifestyle Leaders


 As a user of LinkedIn for many years, AND someone who has delivered mini masterclasses on "how to use LinkedIn to assist in business development calls", I was shocked at the results I saw after about 30 minutes with Tony "tweaking my profile". 

Almost instantly climbed onto the front page for my desired terms/topics, which was amazing, and subsequently saw a rise in people finding me through organic searches too. With a few more bits of Tony's advice still to implement, it's great to see my profile getting even stronger and knowing the little things you can do to make a big difference. 
If creating or maintaining you're professional profile online is important to you, then Tony is the man to talk to. Thanks Tony, very much appreciated.


June 2018   Anthony Stears   the Telephone Assassin 


I got a professional Linked in analysis by Tony Silver this week, it was insightful, informative and I have simple actions I can take to improve my LinkedIn profile- that's a win! 

Tony does LinkedIn Profile Analysis for only £47, definitely recommend it to get an objective view with easy to implement action points. 


August 2018 Clair Boyles owner Success Matters


Thanks so much for your insights. To be honest, I thought you’d say my profile was pretty much complete and offer a few tweaks, but having reviewed your feedback I can see I have some work to do! Good to know that some of those things are simple (and already done since receiving my report from you). I can also see the relevance of your longer term / on-going  suggestions and will be taking the necessary steps to get myself more prominent and noticed.


August 2018 Andy Scott Owner Photohello


Thank you for providing my excellent LinkedIn profile analysis. It pointed out some really useful opportunities to raise my clarity, credibility and memorability. There are so many profiles that would benefit from your help to strengthen them.


August 2018 Diana Jervis Read


Tony recently reviewed my LinkedIn profile and identified some key areas of improvement. He provided me with a clear report summarising the good , bad and ugly of what I had on my profile and suggestions of where I could improve. I have since implement some but not all of the changes due to busyness - so I may well engage Tony again to offer further advice and support in this area. Professional, concise and friendly service. Thank you Tony.


September 2018 Jean Flower


Friendly, approachable and efficient; he will help you get the most out of LinkedIn and Networking meetings


September 2018 Graham Wedgbury


Having spent over 30 years running my own business, one major mistake most businesses make is not spending enough time working ON their businesses. Making the most of LinkedIn and understanding the power of networking and how to maximise both for your business are vital for success. Tony Silver is someone you should have on your "consultancy" team as he totally understands both and can help you use them to maximise your business potential.


September 2018 Richard Knight Owner Focal Point Advertising



 Tony is a fount of knowledge when it comes to all things related to LinkedIn. He is great at troubleshooting and finding all the weak points that are a hindrance to successful networking, visibility and marketing via LinkedIn. Tony produced a personalised report for me with some clear actions I need to take to raise my LinkedIn profile and promote my coaching business. The report is very comprehensive and I am very excited about implementing Tony’s recommendations


December 2018 Marlena O'Donnell owner and resilience coach


Recently I attended a morning seminar on Linked In run by Tony. It was very well worth while. Tony went through the values and use of LI and how I could help myself improve my profile and therefore it's benefits. All the information was presented well at a pace that I could understand. This was done in a practical and well ordered fashion which enabled me to find things on my own computer and also make notes. I would most definitely recommend this seminar.


December 2018 Rick Craft Owner Sakkara